Gun Running at Larne - Source Investigation

Between April and August 1914 both the Irish Volunteers and the Ulster Volunteer Force set about arming themselves. This involved illegal gun running.

The Unionists smuggled in 25,000 guns through Larne Harbour in April 1914. The Nationalists followed suit in July using Howth near Dublin to attempt to redress the balance. Senior Irish Nationalist Volunteer Patrick Pearse had commented "the only thing more ridiculous than an Ulsterman with a rifle is a Nationalist without one." The Nationalist gun running was partly organised and financed by Roger Casement.

Look at the sources here to find out more about the gun running at Larne in April 1914.
Use the evidence sheet to make notes. You will need these for the next activity.

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New Perspectives Book Extract 2

New Perspectives Book Extract 2

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UVF Mauser rifle
Courtesy of Mr John Pattison

UVF orders 1914

UVF Archive Mid-Antrim Museum

Motor Car Corps badge

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Motor Car Corps members

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UVF Special Order

UVF Archive Mid-Antrim Museum

National Volunteers protest