The Mid-Antrim Museum has developed this online learning resource as an extension to the Museum's collection. It is intended to support classroom teaching of the Home Rule period by focussing on the local story in Ballymena during the period of 1911-1914.

In particular it draws strongly on documents from an Ulster Volunteer Force archive held at the Museum. The archive was found at the Braidwater Spinning Mill. The Young family, who owned the Mill, were instrumental in setting up the local UVF and were prime movers in the anti-Home Rule movement.

The resource uses objects, photographs and documents to explore some of the key local people and events of the time. It draws on research by local historian Philip Orr, published in New Perspectives: Politics, Religion and Conflict in Mid-Antrim 1911–1914. The range of activities allows pupils to complete free research as well as taking part in progressive tasks.

If you would like to contribute to this story or site please go to the teachers’ area to see how you can become involved.