1. To use primary and secondary source material to investigate historical issues.
  2. To evaluate a range of evidence and appreciate sources can be interpreted in different ways.
  3. To understand that the selective interpretation of history can lead to the creation of stereotypical perceptions and to justify views and actions.
  4. To encourage students to be more critical, think flexibly and make reasoned judgements to challenge stereotypical perceptions.
  5. To understand how the Home Rule crisis has impacted on identity and culture today.
  6. To understand a range of issues relating to the Home Rule crisis 1911-1914 with specific regard to its impact on Ballymena and the surrounding area.
  7. To use ICT to access and manage a range of tasks.
  8. To work through a series of tasks systematically.
  9. To be able to evaluate, test and improve one's own performance.