1. Setting the Scene  - this section focuses on a number of key people and events significant both locally and nationally to set the scene for the Home Rule Crisis period. It uses primary sources to encourage students to start to explore primary source material. The section encourages free research.
  2. Divided Society - this section uses local examples to show the divisions between Nationalists and Unionists. It uses a series of source investigation and activities to:
    • look at the symbols associated with Nationalism and Unionism
    • encourage students to explore beyond the stereotypical presentation of divisions in society at this time
    • think about people's hopes and fears across the divided society.
  3. Armed Resistance - this section has two source investigations. One focuses on the formation and organisation of the UVF. The second focuses on the Larne gun running episode in 1913. This section also includes a suggested activity to write a newspaper report on the Larne gun running. The aim of this section is to give students a very local example of how the Home Rule Crisis impacted on the immediate area. The newspaper activity also encourages students to think about how events and sources can be interpreted in different ways. 
  4. The Brink of Civil War - this section explores the UVF preparations for Civil War and their reaction to the outbreak of the First World War. The source investigations encourage students to think critically and make reasoned judgements about events at the time.